Ravi Teja in No Mood to Comprimise

ravi teja

Mass Maharaj struggled a lot during his initial days in his career. Though he started his career at an early age of 20, it took almost 20 years to become a hero. He scored massive hits in his initial days of his career and he slowly cemented his place in Telugu cinema. However he never involved in any controversy and worked hard for his films. Ravi Teja emerged as a minimum guarantee actor and he slowly increased his market all over.

He saw many dowfalls in his career and after a series of debacles, the actor slowed down and started signing selective films. He has been back to commercial track and his last movie Bengal Tiger released last year during November. Sampath Nandi directed the movie and Tamannaah, Rashi Khanna essayed the female leads. He has not started shooting for his next movie till date.

There have been lot of rumours about his next movie and even a film named Yevado Okadu in the production of Dil Raju has been launched and it has been shelved due to undisclosed reasons. There are couple of producers who walked out of his movies and an inside source revealed that Ravi Teja has been demanding hefty remuneration because of which no producer has been showing interest in his films.

He has been very keen on his remuneration and is in no mood to compromise. His close aides revealed that Ravi Teja is almost in his final stages as an actor and is in plans to earn good before he retires from movies. That is the reason why he is no mood to compromise about his remuneration.

The latest update is that he will soon start shooting for his next movie titled Robinhood which will be directed by a debutant Chakri. The producer of the movie has not been finalized.

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