Attack on Eid congregation in Bangladesh, two policemen killed


As the world woke up to celebrate Ramadan on Thursday, Bangladesh woke up to a grenade attack and gunbattle near a mass gathering to celebrate the end of fasting month in Bangladesh. In the attack, at least two policemen were killed and nine other officers wounded.
The incident took place in Kishoreganj, a place about 140 km away from the capital city Dhaka where about 2,00,000 people had gathered for a prayer in Kishoreganj. According to officials, two of the attackers were killed. The local media confirmed that 6 to 7 local youth led the attack on the congregation.
The police were attacked with sharp weapons and grenades by the militants. An official said the attack was brought under control and prayers were held peacefully. To avoid further untoward incidents, the gathering was asked to go home, said the official. According to a national media house, the Bangladesh Prime Minister confirms attack near Eid meet and said that these terrorists were enemies of Islam and aren’t real followers of the religion.
Condemning the attack, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that Islam doesn’t preach killing of innocents. “Who attacks a group of people who are praying on Eid?” she questions.
Few days ago, the world mourned the death of 28 people, including 20 hostages, who were killed with sharp weapons in Dhaka. Of the 28 killed, most of them were foreigners including 11 bodies were of Italians and one was of Indian, according to reports. The attackers sieged a café for 12 hours in Dhaka. Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a militant group, claimed the responsibility of the incident. However, an official said rubbished the statement of IS and added that they were the members of a local militant outfit.
It was also reported by an international media house that at least three militants fled from the incident after attacking liberals and policemen

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