Divorce – Make it quick


The Verdict is out and Britain has opted to leave the EU. The exit formalities for a state to leave the union are complex and painstaking. Foreign ministers from EU have assembled at Berlin and asked Britain to start the leaving procedures as soon as possible. They feel that whole world is in a turmoil and with the latest developments EU’s economy might get adverse. In order to avoid any further damage and to bring more clarity, both France and Germany’s foreign ministers have urged London to make the process quick.

Meanwhile 2 million people in UK have signed a petition seeking for a second referendum. In the case of first referendum it was people between the age of 45 – 65 who have opted to leave, while youth wanted to remain. Youth of Britain claim that people who opted to leave are retired and their lives wouldnt be impacted as much as that of working and educated class.

Media speculations hint for a new movement called LEXIT where people of london want to rejoin EU. The Prime Minister will serve till October of this year and hence the onus to integrate all sections of people would be on the Upcoming PM.

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