Father killed for confronting eve-teasers in Kerala

father death

In a heart-breaking story, a man was beaten to death on Wednesday for standing up against three persons who eve-teased his daughters in Thrissur, Kerala.

The incident took place when Ramesh along with his two daughters was travelling on a two-wheeler and when few youth teased his daughters. When the 50-year-old – also a Congress worker – confronted them, the eve-teasers thrashed him and he succumbed to death after the brutal assault.

The police are looking for the three accused in the incident and a case of culpable homicide has been registered against them. However, no arrests have been made even after 48 hours of the inhuman act. According to officials, the police would soon nab them as have the information of their whereabouts.

They added that a verbal spat between Ramesh and three persons led to this incident. The Congress worker then was kicked and stabbed from behind and by the time he was taken to a hospital, Ramesh died.

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