Jail time for Messi

Jail time for Messi

Lionel Messi, the Argentinian soccer player was found guilty of three counts of tax fraud. On Wednesday the Spanish court has sentenced Messi to 21 month in prison and fined 2 million euros. However the lawyer of Lionel Messi claims to appeal in the supreme court and that Messi would be acquitted soon.

It is unlikely that Messi will serve time in jail. The law says, any person who has been sentenced under two years for non-violent crime does not have to serve time in jail.

The 29 year old player is one of the richest earning athletes in the world with cumulative earning of around $300 million. He plays for Barcelona football club and was the World player of the year for 5 times.

As per the sources, all financial transactions were handled by his father and Messi was unaware of any misuse of the money. However as per the law, “ignorance” does not remove the responsibility. Messi has already paid 5 million euros as corrective measure after the formal investigation was opened.

Lionel messi has announced his retirement last month after Argentina national side led by him lost to Chile in Copa America Tournament.

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