Japanese having not enough sex

japanese couple

A recent study has found that Japanese people are not having enough sex. The survey of people between 16 and 49 in the country, nearly half of the respondents said that they have not had sex in the last one month.
Around 23 per cent of Japanese women reported to have said that sex was bothersome and 18 per cent of men said that they have little interest in sex.
According to a Japanese daily, nearly 30 per cent of men in their 30s are virgins. It is called Celibacy syndrome, a syndrome not recognised by any medical or psychological body. This is a problem, as people in Japan are not having enough babies.
The study also found that the population in the past five years has shrunk by 10 lakh people. Experts opined that the crisis comes from the country having a highly developed economy and high gender inequality. According to the World Economic Forum, out of 140 countries in gender equality, Japan stands at 104th position. In developed countries, the more women in the workplace, the better the birthrate. In countries with low gender equality, they cannot pursue both family and career.
In Japan, a married working woman is called “Oniyome” (devil wives). Recently, the Government of Japan has pledged to expand State-sponsored daycare facility, reduce the bias against parental leave and offer matchmaking services. “Creating an environment in which women find it comfortable to work is no longer a matter of choice for Japan. It is instead a matter of the greatest urgency,” said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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