Men find honest women more attractive

women more attractive

A lot of research has been done trying to figure out what women want and find attractive in men and less has been done on what men want and find attractive in women. And primarily the research has been done on looks. The study has tracked down not to looks alone. Some studies are small so they cannot be generalised. However, the results are fascinating. Here are seven qualities that men find women attractive.
1. Men are more attracted to women who are ovulating. According to one study, guys smelled ladies t-shirts.
2. Men like women who laugh at their jokes.
3. Multiple studies have found men prefer honest women.
4. Men gravitate towards women wearing red.
5. Men like it when women subtly mirror their actions.
6. Researchers have found women appear more attractive in groups. It’s dubbed the “cheerleader effect”.
7. In one study, men preferred women who had traits like openness, kindness and assertiveness regardless of attractiveness or body size.

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