Multiplexes and Shopping Malls to be Open Round the Clock

shopping malls

Entertainment has become the major source of relaxation for Indians and most of the middle class living in the country have been watching movies for entertainment. Now in countries like India, the shopping malls, theaters and restaurants work for a certain time period and they will be inactive during the mid nights. This is sure not a great news for night lifers as they love to enjoy spending time during the mid nights. After years of research and consideration, the Union cabinet approved the Model Shops and Established Bill that approves the shops, shopping malls, banks, cinema theaters, restaurants and multiplexes to be open round the clock.

The interesting thing is that this happens all round the year and even on public holidays and festivals which will cheer up the Indians. Central Finance Minister Arun Jaitley read in a statement that model shops and establishment bill will sure improve the economic development and will provide many employment opportunities. This will sure have a huge impact on the country’s financial growth and the ease of doing the business will be better. Even many investments will take place in a huge way read the statement.

The statement also read that women will be permitted to work all night only if the basic facilities along with the security is provided. Basic facilities like ladies toilet, rest room, transportation and proper protection such as a weapon-ed guard. This has created a huge buzz all over as there are many employment opportunities that will be increased. Many of them have been supporting the process as the number of jobs will almost be doubled. However there are some who opposed the process saying that the trading community will face several threats.

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