New Power Tariff Hikes

power hike

The average salary hike of Indian middle class employee is 5-6%. Whether it is sufficient to beat the inflation is one question, it is barely enough to beat the new power tariff hikes. The new tariff shall be implemented from July 1. After the formation of new state, TS govt has been trying various methods to meet the needs of electricity. It has worked closely with the chattisgarh government and been procuring solar power also. Allegedly some of the analyst claim that TS genco has been spending 632 crores to private electricity producers towards fixed charges irrespective of power generated or not. Also the government is procuring electricity at higher rates when cheaper sources are available.

The earlier power tariff had slabs which benefited the working class people. Slabs varied from 50-100 units, 101-150 units, 151-200 units and so on. With change of slab, cost per unit also varies. But with the new tariff, even if the consumer utilizes two units more of electricity he would charged a bomb. New slabs as per the data is Rs 7.50 per unit for consumption between 0 – 200 units and Rs 8.50 per unit for units between 201-300. Surely acche din are not in for middle class. It is argued that distributor companies should stop wastage expenditure instead of burdening the consumers.

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