Ram Gopal Varma Creates Sensation

ram gopal varma

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma who is known for his sensational comments on film celebrities and circles has been staying calm from sometime. Though his recent movies could not make any impact, he has been busy with back to back films and he has now taken on government which banned some porn sites recently. He posted the below updates on his twitter:
“Considering the sheer popularity of Porn whichever government owns up to banning it is sure to be wiped out of existence in next election. Government should work on finding ways to steer the content not to go in wrong directions rather than to block it. To deprive consenting adults of the harmless fun they ar having of watching porn is equivalent of what Taliban and Isis is doing to freedom. To ban porn saying it will be seen by who shouldn’t see it is like saying to stop traffic because there will be accidents. I frankly find this worry of children watching porn is foolish because if they are not yet sexually awakened it would mean nothing to them.
Once children reach an age of sexual awakening with or without porn they will sexually awaken as they have since human species were born. All in all any deprivation of personal liberty of an individual by a government amounts to a regression of social progress of that country. History proved it multiple times that if anytime anything is banned it will just gather strength in the underground. The best way to tackle a presumed menace is to bring it out in open rather than pushing it under the rug or pretending it doesn’t exist. It’s a proven fact by international surveys that instead of fuelling sexual crimes porn actually provides safer outlet for sexual repression”.

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