Shut up! Or i shall rape you

Shut up! Or i shall rape you

It was a regular evening for 27 years old Divya ( name changed for security reasons ).She was coming back from her office along with her colleague. They took a cab from J D Block salk lake and were headed to home. Things seemed fine until her friend got down at Aranya Bhavan. From the next moment driver started to act funny and take the deserted roads. Ms Divya quickly observed it and reprimanded the driver to get onto the main road. The driver initially obliged, but started taking short cuts again.

Sensing the threat, Divya opened the glass doors and started screaming for help. Being a deserted area no one came for help. Driver insisted her to stay calm. Divya, to safe herself started to jump off the window. That’s when driver went on a rage and started to threaten her to stay calm or that he would kidnap and rape her. He also tried to move his seat backwards to block her knee preventing her to jump from the window.

Divya mustered her strength and succeeded to jump off the window onto the road. The driver got more furious and started to drive backwards to crush her under his car. In the meanwhile she could run to the pavement saving herself from the monster.

Divya’s lawyer has filed a case against the UBER car driver and the investigation is currently going on. Though UBER and OLA claim we can track the vehicle, what benefit is it when the driver’s motive itself is filthy.

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