Two-headed serpent spotted in Nandavan Zoo

snake with two heads

In a rare incident, a two-headed snake has been spotted in Nandavan Zoo of Raipur in Chhattisgarh. Reportedly, the serpent is just a 45-day-old. According to officials, it is a non-poisonous and belongs to the Saint Boa family. For the first time, such a snake has been found in the area.
The vulnerable snake is just about 10 cm long and may reach a maximum length of 20 to 25 cm. Forest officials said that they are looking after the serpent and once it gets ready to be showcased, it will be exhibited to visitors of the zoo.
Previously, two persons from Hyderabad have been arrested for allegedly transporting a two-headed snake in a car on the outskirts of Gurmitkal, Yadgir district. The police personnel of Gurmitkal recovered the vulnerable snake and handed over it to the officials of Forest Department.
According to the police, five persons were travelling in the car. Three of them fled from the spot and the two were arrested after they found the snake.

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